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The warm-up & cool down affair in Bristol’s kids soccer

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Warming up before playing any sort of sports is an essential pre-requisite. This is a way of asking your body to wake up before a sumptuous treat! For any premier soccer academy in Bristol, engaging children in warm-up sessions before a match forms a vital aspect. Similar to warming up, cooling down is also equally important. Both warming up and cooling down are a necessity before and after every football game for children.

Warm up sessions prepare the body for the upcoming event so that the player is able to give his/her best in the game while cooling down is more focused on helping the body to calm down and relax, restoring the body to its normal condition.

Lets us focus deep into the matters of warming up and cooling down.

What does a warm-up session include in football coaching courses for Children?

Warm-up sessions for children include light cardiovascular exercises, and stretching of the muscles. Each of these warm-up actions has a specific purpose: cardiovascular exercises improve circulation of blood, alters the body temperature while muscular stretching prepares the body for vigorous movements require in the football game. Drills increase the strength and also prepares the body for quick or sudden movements (flight movements). Remember! These exercises should be done until the muscles are made game-ready.

How will warm-up eventually fallout?

The warm-up exercises performed at a premier soccer coaching should be gentle and light so that the player’s body gets ready gradually for the big match. These exercise:

  • increase flexibility in the joints
  • blood flow in the muscles will be increased
  • prevent injuries.

Even stretching the muscles of the body, has all the above-mentioned impacts. Besides these, warm-up sessions also mentally prepare the players for the game by making them rehearse their skills and also promotes unity when all the teammates participate in warming up themselves.
What is the right duration for a warm-up session?

In majority soccer schools in Bristol, a warm-up session is made to last for 20 minutes to half an hour maximum. This duration is apt to give the body the required time to get ready for the game.

Cooling down after the match: After the match, it is important to restore the condition of the body just like what it was before the match. It is like bringing the body to the rest mode! During those warm-up sessions and also in the match, the player’s body has undergone strenuous processes where tendons, ligaments and muscles are damaged.

What are the efficient ways to cool down post match?

The best way to cool down the body after an exciting soccer match is to walk; walking for 10 minutes is adequate to reinforce the rest-mode of the player’s body. Also, stretching is also found to be effective in cooling down the body; stretching for 10-to 30 seconds should cool down the body. Remember! The child must be breathing during stretching and also avoid jumping or bouncing.

What are the benefits of cooling down the body after the match?

  • Both the heart rate and the intensity of breathing is slowed down.
  • Body temperature is regulated.
  • Restores the normal condition of the muscles like its original state.
  • Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) is controlled and reduced.

Now you know why football coaching in Bristol emphasizes warming-up and cooling-down sessions. Unless the player’s body is made ready for the mega event, he/she shouldn’t be on the field. Also, if you want the player(s) to play football without injuries, a good warm-up and cool down sessions is absolutely mandatory!

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